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Dear Gentleman,

We are Catherine and Charlotte, blonde duo escort ladies who are the most exquisite and beautiful escorts in Berlin, Germany.

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Can you advice me which lady I should choose?

You know yourself better than anyone what you are looking for. We are both independent escorts and you can arrange your encounter directly with whichever you believe fits your desires best. You are welcome to contact both if you are unsure, which is the perfect for you. The initial communication by e-mail will often give an indication if the chemistry between you and the companion will be favorable.

I have never tried booking an escort before. What do I do?

You send an initial inquiry directly to your preferred companion. Try to be specific about when, where and for how long you’d like your encounter with her to be. It is a good idea to include a few words about yourself – name, nationality, age, occupation and/or intersts. This will ensure the escort lady, that you are sincere and increase the likelihood of a positive and acommodating response.

Why not book an agency escort?

An agency escort pays a sizeable commission to the agency; all things else being equal, her prices will therefore be higher for the same services. Independent escorts on the other hand keep 100% of the money, they receive from clients. Independent escorts are also better motivated to give you a superb experience, as you may then return another time, whereas the agency escort can't rely on returning clients to the same degree, as agency clients often follow the advice of the agency staff, who will try to give jobs to all their escorts with a more or less even hand.

How much do the companions charge for their services?

We have individual rates, which are available on our pages. If you have requests, please ask the companion if you request is possible and how much she charges for it. It is always a good idea to finalize the booking of a meeting by confirming the total agreed amount and the duration of the meeting. In that way you can avoid many misunderstandings, which otherwise can negatively affect the good atmosphere.

Is it recommended to pay a deposit in advance of an encounter?

Some ladies request it as a safeguard against fake bookings, which is unfortunately a problem. It’s a tricky situation, as it‘s basically a matter of trust between two individuals, who don’t know each other except from a short exchange of e-mails. Your concern whether the escort will show up if you pay a deposit is legitimate, but the escort lady’s concern that she may waste her time preparing for a no-show meeting is equally legitimate. In general we find it reasonable to pay a modest amount as a deposit, especially if the encounter takes place in the escorts home-city.

What is the duration of an encounter?

In general, it’s from when you meet the companion until you depart each other, travel time isn’t counted as part of the encounter. A 6 hour encounter therefore means you will have 6 hours in the company of your companion. One day equals 24 hours, 2 days equals 48 hours and so on. If a companion arrives late for an encounter, she must compensate you either by staying longer than planned or by reducing the agreed price accordingly. Delays due to late arrival of aircraft, trains or busses can be mutually worked out.

What do my companion expect from me?

First of all, she expects you to treat her with the respect that any individual deserves. That’s the #1 prerequisite for an enjoyable and unforgettable time with your date. She will of course also expect to share intimate moments with you; the nature of which the two of you may already have discussed before the booking. She will expect you to pay all expenses for reasonable meals and drinkables as well as any fees, tickets or other expenses relating to your doings while together. Finally, she will expect to share accommodation with you, whether you will be staying at a hotel or in your private home.

Will my date expect me to buy her presents?

No, although you can rest assured she wouldn’t mind a small, personal thing as an expression of your appreciation.